CRNAs in the U.S. Military

We salute and honor all who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces and give special thanks and acknowledgement to CRNAs who serve in the U.S. military.  Recent data [2018] shows we have 373 active CRNAs serving in the 4 branches of the Armed Forces, over 60% in the Army. CRNAs provide 80% of anesthesia given in the US military. CRNAs have been providing anesthesia since the Civil War. CRNAs are often the ONLY anesthesia provider in Forward Surgical Units providing anesthesia to critically wounded soldiers. 

Pictured is Major Toni Schmittling DNAP MBA MS CRNA ANC USA (Ret.) Toni retired as a Major from the Army. She was a member of the 948th Forward Surgical Team (FST) and also supported the 82nd Airborne at Kandahar International Airport.

Major Nelson Burgos CRNA ANC USA (Ret.)

Major Nelson Burgos CRNA ANC USA  (Ret.)

Major Randall D Moore III DNP MBA CRNA ANC USA (Ret.)

Randy photo_edited.jpg

CEO of the AANA Randall D Moore III DNP MBA CRNA ANC USA (Ret.)

"I had the immense privilege of providing combat casualty care with forward surgical teams in Afghanistan in 2012. Working with courageous and dedicated surgeons, emergency room physicians, nurses, physician assistants, medics, and surgical techs, our two-CRNA team treated profoundly injured U.S. servicemen and women. Together, as a team, we saved lives. While we weren't able to save all of our patients (which is something I carry with me each day), we did provide the highest quality of care possible to every one of them. Without a doubt, caring for injured soldiers was the most important professional accomplishment of my lifetime."


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